Professional Skills Development for Community Health Workers

One way to learn more about the CHW Professional Skills training option is to watch this video. You’ll learn more about the training and an Iowa grant opportunity that could waive the cost and offer financial stipends to eligible participants. (11 minutes)

What is a Community Health Worker?

CHWs focus on improving individual and community health, and health access – and so much more…

Featured Offerings

CHW Professional Skills Training

Skills-based training delivered as five asynchronous courses that are available on demand at the learner’s convenience

CHW Registered Apprenticeship Training

Provides a rich, robust CHW training experience. Requires a partnership between the employer and participating apprentice.

Additional CHW Learning

Explore additional Community Health Worker learning opportunities

This video provides more information about the CHW Registered Apprenticeship.

For Iowa Residents

A grant opportunity exists that can  waive the cost and offer financial stipends to eligible participants!