Register for CHW Professional Skills Training

This training is offered by the Iowa Chronic Care Consortium (ICCC). Information requested on this application is needed for a variety of reasons:
  • To complete enrollment into the CHW Professional Skills Training;
  • For issuing the non-credit certificate from DMACC or other Iowa community college;
  • To be considered for the tuition waiver and/or the training stipend;
  • For data and reporting purposes to the funding partner, the federal Health Resources and Services Administration. Information collected and provided for this purpose does not affect eligibility for the training, free tuition or stipend and will never be shared in a way that can be linked to you. Information will only be shared in a way that groups all applicant’s information together or preserves the confidentiality and identity of each applicant.
Please complete all of the information on this form. Before proceeding, please review these eligibility requirements:
  • Age 18 and above
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Working or volunteering in a CHW or other frontline role,
  • Desire to enter the workforce as a CHW (you may be working in another field or not currently employed)
  • US Citizenship or a foreign national having possession of a visa permitting permanent residence in the United States
  • If you are employed in a CHW or other frontline role, your employer must allow you to receive the financial stipend (this applies to the financial stipend only – applicants may receive the training without receiving the financial stipend)
Enrollments into this course are accepted on a rolling basis. Once you have completed this application and are approved, you will be provided access to the training content via a message sent to the email address you provide on the form. Please watch your email for this notification.

If you have questions about the application process or this form, contact Deb Kazmerzak, or 515.554.3788.

Applications are OPEN!

We are now accepting applications for the 2023-4 grant opportunity to offer financial assistance for the CHW Professional Skills training.
You may proceed with submitting an application now. Please be aware that due to the limited funding, applications will be prioritized.
Learn more about how applications are priorized

Access to the training will open up in early October but consider submitting your application now as the slots for financial assistance may fill up quickly.
Contact us with questions