Oral Health Training

Dental Health Education for Community Health Workers 
Online, Self-paced Training

Providing culturally appropriate health education and information is one of the most important roles for community health workers. Because of their ability to rapidly establish a trusting relationship, CHWs are looked to for guidance and information in many areas, and can impart important, health related information in a way that is readily received and accepted. 
This oral health training is offered as one way the Iowa Chronic Care Consortium (ICCC) is working to build CHWs’ knowledge base on specific health issues, topics and conditions. Gaining additional, health-specific knowledge adds another tool to the CHW toolbox that builds capacity and effectiveness in reaching the client population.  
This self-paced training is offered to CHWs interested in building their knowledge base and impact and is available at no cost. Gaining a basic understanding of oral health can help with public health messaging, early identification of potential issues, and facilitating access to oral health services for those served by the CHW.  
Registration is required for this 1.5 hour training, but it is available at no cost.